Donna LaFollette

Donna_LaFollette_march_2014_thumbThis month’s Yoga Student of the Month is, Donna LaFollette, a retired secondary English teacher who taught for thirty-seven years in high school and middle school. Donna has been with Eternal Health Yoga almost since we opened our doors in 2006; she favors the Yin and Hatha Yoga morning classes; AND, it was Donna who recommended that we start a monthly Book Club, back in 2007! We did; and it continues to be a significant part of our EHY community, “I really enjoy our EHY book club where I talk and laugh and cry with younger women who renew my spirit!”

More about Donna:
How long have you been practicing yoga?
I retired in 2004; and to celebrate a group of us newly retired teachers went to a women’s health conference in Louisville. I attended a yoga session at the conference and was fascinated. After the session I stayed to talk with the teacher, Lisa Flannery, and started yoga classes at her studio, Full Moon Yoga, the next week.

How long have you been with Eternal Health Yoga?
After Lisa closed her studio, I moved to Eternal Health Yoga which had been open for just a few months (2006). Shelli had been in Lisa’s classes and taught several of the classes I had been in so when FMY closed I knew I wanted to go to EHY. I set myself a goal of doing yoga until age 70; I have reached that goal and beyond, and will continue to do yoga as long as I possibly can.

Which classes do you usually attend at EHY?
Loving Yin and Hatha yoga, I attend classes in the morning (9:15-10:30 AM). I like going every weekday, but sometime that just doesn’t happen. Life, family, obligations, weather, and bridge closures can get in the way.

What is your favorite yoga pose, and why?
There are several poses I always enjoy. Of course like, everyone, I like the final pose, Savasana (Corpse pose). And, I like poses that I feel comfortable in and that I feel are doing something for me, such as, square pose, shoe lace, and pigeon.

What is your least favorite yoga pose, and why?
Though Yin is a form of yoga I really enjoy, there is a pose in that practice that I really do not enjoy: “Saddle.” Even if I get into it, I struggle to get out of that pose.

How has yoga helped you?
I call yoga my “fountain of youth.” It helps me mentally and emotionally by keeping my thoughts joyful and youthful; I can get on the floor and play with my grandchildren and get up on my own. Many women my age are not able to do this, and I thank yoga and God for this.

What would you tell someone about Eternal Health Yoga who hasn’t been here?
I would recommend EHY to anyone wanting to expand their mental, spiritual, and emotional health. I do not think a person could find all of that except at a place like Eternal Health Yoga.