Bridget_and_travis_april_2014_copy_thumbThis month we recognize TWO students of the month! Newlyweds, Bridget Coraz and Travis Carlisle, have been practicing with us for nearly 4 years and favor the Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes. They love the benefits of practicing yoga and as Bridget states,”Yoga has significantly improved my quality of life and I truly believe that everyone can benefit from practicing.”

How long have you been practicing yoga?
Bridget: I started practicing yoga in high school (with a Jane Fonda tape, believe it or not!). I took a yoga class for a semester in college, but kind of got away from it until I started practicing at Eternal Health Yoga.
Travis: The first time I tried yoga was in 2001; and I did some yoga off and on through the years. I didn’t truly start consistently until May 2010 at EHY.

How long at EHY?
Travis & Bridget: Since May 2010

Which classes do you usually attend at EHY?
Bridget: Vinyasa & Hatha
Travis: Wednesday Evening Vinyasa and Saturday Morning Hatha

What’s your favorite yoga pose, and why?
Bridget: Pigeon pose. Before practicing that pose, I never realized I could stretch my hips in that way. It is relaxing and feels so good!
Travis: It is hard to choose. I love Frog Pose, Mandukasana, especially once I am warmed up. It makes my hips and leg muscles feel so open and relaxed, it helps my whole body release stress.

What’s your least favorite yoga pose, and why?
Bridget: Camel pose. Backbends in general are uncomfortable for me, but camel pose is by far the most uncomfortable. I find it difficult to breathe comfortably and settle into the pose, and I always need to rest after coming out of the pose.
Travis: Warrior III, because I never feel like I am doing it correctly, no matter how much I practice.

How has yoga helped you?
Bridget: Yoga has helped me in a number of ways. I noticed my flexibility improving very quickly after I started a regular practice. Soon after starting, I also noticed I was sleeping through the night nearly every night—which was a big deal for me, since I have struggled with insomnia my entire life. Physically, I am stronger than I ever have been and in the best shape of my life. Yoga has also improved my mood, and has helped me approach challenging situations in a calmer manner. Additionally, I feel more connected to myself, others, and the world around me.
Travis: Physically – I have played sports competitively growing up, and I have never felt more flexible or strong than I do after practicing yoga for 3+ years
Mentally – I have a bit of a temper, and I think I now have a calmer demeanor, and I am able to prevent small irritations of everyday life from bothering me, and I feel overall more positive.
Emotionally –I feel more even and able to stay calm despite external conditions
Spiritually – Yoga has given me a taste of being able to clear the mind and enter a true meditative state, which is something I had never experienced before yoga. I think with practice I could improve more.

What would you tell someone about Eternal Health Yoga, who hasn’t been here?
Bridget: Yoga is really fun and rewarding, and anyone can do it. The teachers at Eternal Health are very dedicated to making the studio welcoming and the practice accessible to everyone.
Travis: My favorite thing is that you never know what routine to expect when you go to class, and I always feel like I learn something new.