Several months ago I found myself anxiety-ridden and completely void of drive or motivation. I immediately searched for the culprit so I could have some hope of recovering from whatever this was and move forward, but I couldn’t figure it out. Nothing in particular had happened.

As time went on I became highly aware of how negative everything was, not that I was taking it on personally, but that it was all around me. It seemed like dark times for everyone.

I jokingly said to myself, “wow I need a negative energy detox.” Then I realized how genius that was! Since I couldn’t put my finger on one particular area or event, I realized it might be a culmination of everything. Right then and there I began putting together a week-long detox. Unlike all the other detoxes we’ve been exposed to, what I was giving up I was happy to see go.

I broke it up into the three wise monkey categories: see no, hear no, speak no evil.

Detox Rules:

See No Evil
Okay, I lied, there was one thing I didn’t want to give up: scary movies. That’s the only one in this category that I really missed, but I didn’t miss it like I would pizza or breakfast sandwiches, so this is still the best detox ever. What else falls into this category? News, news feeds, dramatic movies and television, etc. All those negative nancies on my facebook feed got unfollowed, and a few were unfriended. Cut-throat, I know, but it happened. On Twitter I only looked at a few of my lists rather than the main feed. I didn’t read the newspaper or watch the news. I only watched comedies or coming of age movies/tv.

Hear No Evil
Obviously, movies and tv fall into this category as well, but so do all those lovely people we associate with. No one is a picnic all the time, so I’m not telling you to ditch all your friends, but you need to let them know what’s up.

Full disclosure: after this detox there were a few people that I either ended my relationship with or greatly distanced myself from, and I never looked back. You’ll begin to notice that some people thrive off of gossip and negative energy. A big red flag will be when some don’t want to hang out while you’re on the detox or when you do, they have nothing to talk about.

On the up side, I got a lot closer to other people and even made some new friends in my glowing state. It was as if I’d attracted positive people. We went for walks, talked about our dreams and goals, we watched stand-up together and told funny stories from our past. It was productive and a lot of fun.

Speak No Evil
This goes for what comes out of your mouth and what goes on in your head. If you’re a gossiper, this may be hard. Don’t talk badly about even the least harmful things, like a movie you saw that was crappy, or people you don’t know so you think it doesn’t matter – it all matters. In diet world, it’s like that little sprinkle of cheese or that dollop of ranch dressing you think won’t make a difference. It all makes a difference.

The hardest negativity to manage is what goes on in your head. Be kind to yourself. I noticed how often I take things personally and the conversation that would take place in my in my mind. Being conscious of it made me realize how silly I was being. It also showed how self-centered I was, to think that everything everyone was doing had something to do with me rather it be negative or positive. And if at times it does have to do with you, that’s their problem, not yours. You do you … boo.
Like any detox, there may be some side effects, so here’s what you may notice:

  • Heightened awareness of negative people, places and things. Use this as an alarm in your head to get out of this situation. Sometimes we don’t realize how toxic our relationships can be.
  • You have more energy. Negativity wears you out and even helps you make excuses for why you don’t need to keep on keepin on. In its absence, you’ll find all kinds of motivation.
  • New perspective. As you’ve read, a lot of things changed in that week I did my detox. Of course, you can’t keep all negativity away all the time, bad things happen, but it should not be the constant in your life and it should not outweigh the positive.

If you try the Negative Energy Detox I would love to hear how it goes. Share this with your friends. We all could use a free detox where we can still eat breakfast sandwiches!