We’ve all heard it a million times: if you want to make things happen, you have to step outside your comfort zone. We know it’s true, but most of the time we’re way too comfortable to go moving mountains. Why does anyone make the conscious decision to move mountains in the first place?

Sometimes it’s ego or activism, and sometimes it’s sheer boredom or the feeling of being trapped. Whatever the reason, it takes a lot to actually jump – there’s no “stepping” outside that comfort zone. If you want to make it count you have to prepare yourself for tummy flips and a considerable amount of turbulence.

Similar to the five stages of grief, there are about 11 significant stages you will go through once you jump outside your comfort zone. We just have to remember to hold on tight to our focus and drive, and it will all worth it.



You have second thoughts
The first is too easy; you will have second thoughts. You will look back at that comfy world you knew like the back of your hand and feel loss. The fears at the forefront of your mind are failure and losing things or people that are important to you. This is natural. Meditate on this, feel every bit of it, because it’s all part of the show.

You become homesick
There is a point very early on when everything feels cold. You feel a million miles away from everything you once knew, and, in a way, you are. The best way I can describe this is “homesick.” You feel like there is nothing where you are. This is also true, you have to start turning on lights, creating things, open some windows, warm this new place up a bit. Once you do, you start to see that this is all yours. No one has been exactly where you are, no one is here to tell you how to do it. You get to make
all the rules.

Everything is a little more overwhelming than usual
It’s hard to start over, or build something from scratch, especially when that something is almost everything. There are going to be late nights and scary moments. You may find you lay in bed to worry rather than sleep, and with every problem you try to work out you feel more and more like you have no clue what you’re doing or where you’re going.

You almost give up and go back home
At some point, everything will come to a head. You’re asking yourself, “What have I done?” You’re calculating whether or not you’ve passed the point of no return, you may even have a whole plan on how to get back to that comfort zone without looking like a fool. You’re angry. You wonder, is this why some people are so unhappy and never reach their full potential? And you get it! You believe it’s
impossible to move mountains. You’re just going to shut up and live a nice, comfy, quiet life like everyone else.

You remember why you jumped in the first place
You’re coming out of the pity party stage, and finally you’re reminded of why you’re here. You’re here because where you were before wasn’t working. Once you realize this, you begin to let go. It’s the Aha! moment. Now, you see what you have to do, the next steps are clear – this is all up to you.

YOU become your biggest cheerleader
If this were a movie, this would be the gettin sh** done montage. All those thoughts and opinions from the peanut gallery that made up your life before don’t mean so much now. You go into full action, you know what you have to do to make this your new home, and no one can tell you otherwise.

You realize there’s no going back
You’re past the point of no return, and it feels just fine. You haven’t reached a destination yet but you can see it clearly. You reminisce, you think of how you almost gave up, and are so grateful you kept going.

You feel ready for anything
Opportunities and ideas begin coming in left and right, because you’re willing what you want. You’re not blocked or afraid. You’ve come this far, can’t be scared now. You feel a whole new level of confidence. You’re going native to this new life that is all your own creation.

Everything becomes a little easier
Making things happen begins to come very naturally. The beauty of what you’re doing is that you get to decide. You’re seeing the boundaries that need to be set, boundaries that keep the negative aspects of the comfort zone you left from creeping into this new place.

Big changes occur
Setting boundaries means that some things go completely and some are now at a great distance – this could also be people. You’re making big decisions and sacrifices to become who you want to be and build the life you want, don’t let fear of hurting someone’s feelings or giving up a vice jeopardize that.

You feel more at home than ever before
You realize you’ve begun to create a home here. The path is bright and warm. You CAN move mountains. You’re surrounding yourself with people and things that reflect what you want from this. Your intentions are true, you feel open and free. You don’t ever want to be trapped or too comfortable ever again.