Mystery has surrounded Earth’s moon for centuries. Its magical force, so powerful it pulls the tides and influences behavior. It’s no surprise that when full, birth and crime rates increase, as well as hospital admissions. Each month of a calendar year has one full moon; these moons have names and unique energy attached to them. Once every two to three years we will have 13 moons rather than 12, this is what we know as the blue moon, which has its own magic to be reckoned with.

January – Wolf Moon

Another name for the Wolf Moon is Chaste Moon. It represents cleansing, renewal and transformation. This is a great time to let past wash away and set new goals.

February – Ice Moon

This is usually a darker time as we long for the spring. This is when we reflect on ourselves and look forward to plentiful crops.

March – Storm Moon

The ground is beginning to thaw with the newness of spring; animals and insects are emerging from their, hopefully warm, rest, and little patches of green accent gray rainy days.

April – Growing Moon

Our aspirations grow with the colorful flowers and longer days. We’re just beginning to see the fruits of our labor.

May – Hare Moon

This moon represents the birth of animals and giving life. Food and resources are aplenty.

June – Mead Moon

Here we bring two into one, honoring couples, marriage and twins. It’s a social moon and also when we celebrate the summer solstice.

July – Hay Moon

Herbs are ready to be gathered and dried in the summer heat. This month we begin to prepare healing remedies to get us through the winter.

August – Corn Moon

Counter to the ice moon, the corn moon is a time of satisfaction. Many goals have been met and bellies are full.

September – Harvest Moon

One of the most well-known of moons, the harvest moon represents completion and brings motivation and insight.

October – Blood Moon

Another name for the blood moon is shedding moon because it’s when the deer shed their antlers. This is a time for hunting as we prepare for the winter, and also conception before the dead of winter.

November – Snow Moon

The days have become shorter giving us a time of introspection and rest.

December – Cold Moon

This dark cold moon often shows us truth. A time for strength and preparation is nigh as opportunity for renewal is just around the corner.

The Blue Moon

Most superstitions surrounding a blue moon are negative. Many were created out of fear that the blue moon was a sign from God that the world was coming to an end.

Source: Ahlquist, Diane “Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to get What you Want”