Marie is a nursing student who dreams of healing accident victims. “…I always stop and try to help when there is an accident in my community,” she says, eager to give back to her community. Through hard work and dedication to her education, Marie is well on her way to creating a full, rich life as a nurse.

Marie is only one of many successful students in the Hope for Haiti program. Hope for Haiti is a 501(c)(3) organization founded almost thirty years ago. It has improved the quality of life for over 500,000 Haitian children and adults. There are wonderful Haitian organizations and local leaders already doing great work! Hope for Haiti helps provide them with resources needed for maximum impact.

Holistic Hope

In 1989 Education became the first issue that Hope for Haiti tackled. They have been involved in many programs, including but not limited to subsidizing the salaries of highly qualified teachers, a book sharing program that allows students the materials they need to study, school lunch programs sustained by the local community, and funds for school supplies. Other areas that Hope for Haiti now works in include healthcare and nutrition, clean water, infrastructure, and economy.

Hope for Haiti takes a holistic approach to creating sustainable positive change. They work to address the five areas that keep people in poverty. They also work with local leaders to formulate innovative solutions to achieve their community’s goals. Hope for Haiti is even partnering with a yoga community from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. This community, like Eternal Health Yoga, is eager to put yoga into action through serving and interacting with not only our local but also our global community.

This month at Eternal Health Yoga we are partnering with Hope for Haiti. Every 10 check-ins will provide one day of education for a classroom of 30 children.  Our hashtag for the month of February is #hopeforhaiti. Don’t forget to check-in to do good!