Last May, some wonderful women graduated from Eternal Health Yoga’s foundational 200-hour teacher training program. I feel very blessed to have taught alongside D’Arci Freeland, and to have had the honor and privilege to be part of these women’s journeys. As we prepare for another year of teacher training, the 2018 graduates reflect on their year studying at EHY and share where they are now.

Holly Elaine Porter-Goodyear: Becoming a yoga instructor through EHY has been an epic opportunity in my life. Epic as in one of the most life changing experiences I have ever received. It is a one-in-a-million Yoga Education! Shelli Carpenter has created the perfect environment for anyone wanting to add yoga to their heart and their life! No regrets here. We are blessed to have this ancient tradition in our hometown.

Join Holly at 4:30 on Thursday and Friday afternoons at Eternal Health Yoga!


Rose Koerber: The EHY training has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love the knowledge that Darci and Shellie share with us. It’s obvious that they love what they do! 💖 Being a yoga instructor has brought so many positive things to my life. I highly recommend this training, even if you do not choose to teach. The personal growth that you will experience, and the relationships that you develop, are well worth your time.

Let’s all share our light and love with the world!

I teach Yoga Strength, Gentle Yoga, and Hatha Yoga at Balance Salon in New Albany and Starlight, Indiana on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


Grace Rogers: I love spreading the yoga! Especially the accessible, well-rounded yoga we learned at EHY. I teach in Frankfort, which has only a tiny yoga community, and have enjoyed becoming a part of that group. I love to teach beginners and see them get “the bug”.

I teach a free class at our public library twice a month, and 3 classes per week at our local studio (Yin, Yoga for Runners, and Morning Flow). I don’t have a favorite, but Yin has been fun because people have so many good questions about this kind of practice…questions I can often answer because of my background in a great training!


Amber Elaine Switzer: Oh, teacher training! So fun. It literally changed my life and I can’t thank it and everyone enough! I calmer now, a “softer” person. Teacher training helped me find the drive to accomplish things and built my confidence. This carries over into my everyday life. I’m far more comfortable being alone. I don’t need things outside of myself to feel content.  I see people differently. Everyone is on their own path. If I find something I don’t like in someone else, it may be a reflection on myself. I am more self-aware. I’m not perfect, but I am forever grateful!

I have been teaching two classes a week at EHY and I absolutely love it. I love the interaction. It builds my confidence and keeps me on my toes and in the moment. Teaching takes me out of myself. My relationships with family and friends are far richer. I am more creative in my work because it’s taken my anxiety away and allowed me to trust myself.


I wouldn’t change my decision to participate in the EHY teacher training program for the world- and I want to do more! Growth is cool. And on top of that I have made some beautiful friendships I will cherish forever!


I, too, will cherish these women forever….

However, I look forward to getting to know the new teacher-trainee friends I haven’t met yet! D’Arci and I are excited to begin another year of teacher training Friday August 17th! If you are interested in teacher training and haven’t gotten around to signing-up, there is still time! The last day to register is August 10. I hope to see you there!