Can I let you in on a little secret? Just between you and me and the rest of the internet, I hate holiday shopping.

I know, I know…. “How can you hate holiday shopping?” You’ll ask.

“Oh, quite easily,” I’ll assure you. First of all, it’s cold. And crowded. And cold. If you peruse through my sock drawer you will see that I am the ultimate spendthrift. (Yes, those socks can last another season! See? They only have two holes in them!) Ebenezer is my homeboy. And did I mention how cold it is? I don’t like holiday shopping.

Nevertheless, many people do enjoy the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. Even those of us that don’t still want to give their loved ones thoughtful presents as the special day approaches. Holiday shopping presents an ethical dilemma for the mindful consumer in a capitalistic society. How can we be sure that the gifts we exchange to express holiday cheer are not at the expense of the environment or another being?

Not to worry! This year, EHY has got you covered! If you still have some last-minute shopping to do, here are our top-twelve recommendations for awesome gifts that adhere to yogic principles based on the Yoga Sutras.

  1. Jade Yoga Mats
  2. Just Creations
  3. Heine Brothers’ Organic Fair Trade Coffee
  4. Free Spirit Delicacies: By Dixie! From her Facebook page: “Eco-Friendly herbal and crystal curated goods blessed with reiki and sacred sound.” Enjoy soy candles, aromatherapy, bath salts, and custom-made malas! Available online or at Eternal Health Yoga.
  5. Sage’s Botanicals: Free of man-made synthetics, Sage’s Botanicals includes everything from bar soap to essential oils to aftershave!
  6. Maggie’s Organics For the fashionista on your list, try Maggie’s Organics: clothing that is “real” Fair Trade, prides itself on transparency, and receives Free2Work third party verification.
  7. Helios Homeopathy: Based in London, Helios Homeopathy offers an extensive line of homeopathic products to “stimulate the healing ability” of every individual on your gift-list!
  8. Sativa Organic Hemp Skincare: Hemp is all the rage these days, and for good reason! Sativa is vegan, cruelty free, carbon-neutral and third-party certified organic! You want to have this stuff on your skin!
  9. Pela 100% Compostable iPhone Case Help Pela create a waste-free future by choosing compostable technology products. Plus, they are super-cute!
  10. Gift Certificate to vegan-friendly dining: Half-Peach Bakery, Morels Cafe, V-grits Because who doesn’t want a delicious, cruelty-free meal???
  11. Etsy There are so many awesome yoga-related gifts offered by artisans and crafters, you won’t know what to choose from! Just make sure that your purchases really are from an independent seller.
  12. GreaterGood Finally, for odds-and-ends gift shopping, why not try A 501©(3) organization whose mission is to connect people with the causes they care about: humanitarian, environmental, animal-rights, and more!

With a holiday shopping plan like that, even a #GrinchLikeMe is ready to brave the stores with jingle bells on my toes!

Okay, not really.

But my fingers are itching to do the walking for me!