This week, Eternal Health Yoga teacher Adriena Dame and I discussed all things yoga, Reiki, and Adriena’s HighVibe Alchemy Station. I really enjoyed learning more about this astounding, light-filled woman. I’m sure you will, too, so read on!


First of all, would you like to share a bit about yourself? You went through EHY’s teacher training program. What was that experience like for you?


I am divinity inhabiting a human experience. I live in the breath, in the heartbeat, in the knowing that I am powerful and free and full of wonder, and that I will spend my days, my moments, honoring the gift of life, wisdom, and purpose. I live in a deeply soulful, creative, fully empowered, joyful state of knowing, discovery and alchemy. Such are the truths that exist at the foundation of my various roles in life. I am mother to one, nature lover, playful adventurer, truth seeker, literary artist, author, healer, educator, life coach . . . . I was born in Arkansas, raised around the world with my military family, and have now lived in Louisville, KY for the better part of 20 years.


My experience with Eternal Health Yoga’s yoga teacher training program was phenomenal and medicinal. What I learned from the culture and the teaching of the program expanded my understanding of yoga as a physical practice, but, more importantly, it honed my depth of understanding of yoga as a spiritual practice, as a gateway to cultivating a oneness with self and humanity. I will forever be thankful for Shelli Carpenter’s leadership, kindness, patience, and heart magic.


What classes do you teach at EHY? Would you like to share a bit about your approach to teaching yoga?


Currently, I teach a Hatha Yoga class as EHY. My approach to teaching is inspired–guided by intuitive insights I glean from participants and from Spirit. I feel people people’s energy, and try my best to honor that experience, and to honor them. My number one priority is to create safe, sacred space for all to share, and to do so with a loving and abiding heart that encourages others to meet themselves where they are, without judgement, so that they can elevate themselves with every breath, with every movement, with every period of stillness and quiet reflection.


Would you like to tell me a bit about your business, Adriena’s HighVibe Alchemy Station (AHA! Station)?


AHA! Station is home to the work I do as a licensed massage, bodywork, ashiatsu (barefoot massage), Tibetan Acupressure-Compassionate Touch, Reiki, Meridian and Yoga therapist, to name a few. Additionally, I offer Mungu Asili, my signature ritual healing therapy, which brings meditation, intention, and reverence into the framework of deeply relaxing and cleansing bodywork techniques. I am also an intuitive, natural medium, Spirit communicator/channel, Tarot & Oracle card reader, astrologer, and life coach specializing in uncoupling recovery (separation, divorce, break ups), self-care, and creative expression.


You will be hosting a Reiki I and II training at EHY in March. Please tell me about that. What is Reiki? Would you like to tell me a bit about your experience as a Reiki practitioner?


Reiki “Life Force” is an energy that goes by many names. I have been practicing this work since long before I knew it as Reiki. It is deeply intuitive form of tapping into our innate ability to encourage healing and homeostasis in the body and in the subtle energy systems.


Would you like to share a bit about yourself as a writer?


I am a writer of fiction and creative nonfiction with works published in various literary journals, as will as my first book, The MOO, a collection of linked stories and a novella. A graduate of Spalding University’s MFA in Writing Program, I also served as the Assistant Managing Editor of The Louisville Review, and went on to become the founding publisher and senior editor of 94 Creations literary journal and Iris Brown Lit Mag, both of which gained an international audience while they were in print.


Is there anything else you would like to add that we haven’t already covered?


I am currently working on a HighVibe Uncoupling Recovery Tribe (HURtribe) project intended to empower women who are seeking to recover from any type of uncoupling experience. I will also be accepting submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction essays, articles, art (images), audio/video testimonials. . . focused on themes of healing, recovery and triumph through and beyond the challenges of separation, divorce and other types of breakups. Anyone who may be interested in learning more, or contributing to to the project, is welcome to reach out at


Finally, I always like to ask if there is a “fun fact” you’d like to share? Something not many people know about you?


My legal name is made up of 5 names.

Adriena teaches Hatha Yoga at Eternal Health Yoga every Wednesday morning at 9:15. She will also be hosting HighVibe Universtiy: Reike I and II on March 22-24 and Mighty Me Young Healers Academy on April 6-7. Sign-up online or at the studio… you don’t want to miss Adriena’s amazing offerings!