Every day we are surrounded by sound. Some sounds are of our choosing. We turn on the radio, listen to a podcast, or enjoy hearing a loved one’s voice in conversation. There are many sounds we don’t choose to hear. We may hear things that upset us, such as an argument, someone gossiping, or a creature in pain. Most of the sounds we hear we don’t even notice. For example, until I typed that last sentence, I was completely unaware of the sounds of a distant lawn mower, my cat scurrying through the hall, and even the sounds I create simply typing at my keyboard!

Yoga teaches us to live with greater intention. We discover that what we thought to be mundane is quite magical, and that which seemed to be magic is really mundane! Sound is no different. In fact, sound can be very healing. That is why I am so excited to share this interview with my dear friend and colleague Amy Aboud. She inspires students and fellow teachers with her kindness, humility, and knowledge of sound and chakra healing. I learned so much from Amy in this interview, and you will too. Read on!

  1. Hi Amy! Why don’t you begin by telling us a bit about yourself? Would you mind sharing what drew you to yoga and to Eternal Health Yoga?I initially was drawn to yoga when I was looking for a new activity to add into my workout routine which had been mainly weight training focused. Like many, I thought yoga would add some flexibility and stretching to my life. My intent was to go to one yoga class a week to balance out my routine. At my FIRST class I realized there was much more to yoga than just the poses, and it left me curious. I immediately began to research teacher training programs so I could deepen my understanding before diving in. I was drawn to EHYs teacher training program because the site felt holistic. I reached out to Shelli Carpenter to see if it was even possible for me to join the next Teacher Training, despite my minimal experience (just a few classes), and she said “yes”. And, that is how my journey began!You have advanced yoga training…. what made you decide to seek out a 300-hour teacher training program? How was that experience for you?

After the 200-hour TT program ended I immediately signed up for the 300-hour TT program. The TT weekends are both educational and healing. I knew I had just touched the surface, learned the basics, and I wanted to dive in deeper. I loved it SO much that I am going through the 300 TT program a SECOND time right now. I wanted to continue learning, read some books I have read before, with a new mind; and, read new books that have been added to the program. I also wanted to spend time with likeminded humans, and learn more from Shelli Carpenter and the other wonderful instructors that teach us during our TT weekends. TT weekends are magical. We work hard, we have deep discussions, and I feel they make me a better person and a better teacher.

3. Tell me a bit about the classes you teach at EHY. What do you love about teaching yoga?

I teach Yin Yoga on Monday and Wednesday evenings, Yin-Yang on Friday afternoons, and meditation on Sundays (although I am on a temporary hiatus with meditation due to another commitment). I love teaching. I spend hours thinking about my classes before I teach them preparing my heart for them. I love to bring a focus of on our breath and breathing techniques that we can bring into our everyday lives. I also love to teach about our chakras and how these energetic centers in our body support us in our everyday lives. What I love most about teaching yoga is the community it creates. A personal practice is important, but when we practice together, when we share our energetic selves, our breaths, our collective intention- it is powerful. True authentic community and healing takes place. It is a TRUE HONOR to be a part of this process and create a safe environment for this to take place.

4. I must admit, I know very little about crystal singing bowls. What do they do? How did you learn about them?


During TT training, Dennis and Kathy Lang, from Florida, came to teach our weekend on Chakras.  They led us through a Chakra balancing Yin class using crystal singing bowls.  I found it to be an incredibly powerful experience and came away from the experience knowing I wanted to learn more, and I wanted to be able to offer a similar experience to others.

When we come to our mats to practice, we bring our physical body and our energetic body to the mat. These energy centers are what move our life energy through our bodies and out into the world. Sometimes these energy centers, chakras, get stuck and stop moving. The vibrations created by the Crystal singing bowls are just one of many tools we can use to help activate our energy centers, especially when chakra specific bowls are played. When we practice yoga and focus on breath, we are activating our life force throughout our body. Certain poses activate specific chakra centers and when we add musical vibrations chakras can respond even more. What I love most about providing chakra balancing workshops with singing bowls is it provides a deeper healing for our bodies. As fellow instructor Lincoln Snyder says, “our issues are in our tissues”. Our cells hold memories and issues that our mind is not even aware of and working on activating chakras is just one way we can work on our issues.

5. Wow! That is incredible. I had no idea! Now, about your workshop… I want to hear all about it!


The Crystal Bowl Sound Healing for the Chakras workshop is offered seasonally. Attendees are guided through a Yin Yoga class and then a Yoga Nidra meditation (yogic sleep) all designed to bring balance to the chakras. I use crystal singing bowls, mantra, and props to activate and balance the chakras. Participants do not need to bring anything, I will have everything set up when they arrive- mats, blankets, eyes masks, weights for their hands and to place on their chakras, and a crystal to take home. They just need to come wearing something wonderfully comfortable and prepare for totally relaxing and restorative experience.

6. Finally, would you like to share a “fun fact” about yourself with our community?

I am involved in international dog rescue, especially with dogs rescued from the dog meat trade. I have worked as a transporter for these dogs, a foster, and have adopted a sweet dog named Asha Dan (meaning Gift of Hope) from China.

Join Amy on Saturday November 2nd at 2pm for her incredible workshop An Evening of Crystal Bowl Sound Healing for the Chakras. Sign-up in advance on our events page at the EHY website