Hi, EHYogis! Here in the Bluegrass State we have been sheltering-in-place for a little over a month. We find ourselves in a variety of situations: some are unable to work, some are working from home, essential workers are on the front-lines day in and day out. One thing is for sure… No matter our situation, we are ALL living during a time of increased stress and anxiety on all levels.

Our bodies are incredible organisms and can take a tremendous amount of stress. However, prolonged stress takes its toll. According to this article from the Mayo Clinic, stress impacts our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It also effects how we behave. Here are just a few symptoms associated with stress: pain, fatigue, depression, irritability, and muscular tension.

At the start of shelter-in-place policies being put into action, many people felt a surge in energy. Our fight-or-flight system gave us a boost of endorphins to prepare us for crisis. Those intense bursts of energy are only meant for short periods of time. Say, enough time for us to run away from a saber-tooth tiger.

The problem is, there is no tiger. And we are not quite sure how long the threat at hand will last.

It is critical that we continue to take excellent care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. One of the best ways we can do so is…. You guessed it! Yoga!

Yoga means “union”, “to yoke”, “to unite”. We need our yoga practice now more than ever! Eternal Health Yoga is committed to continuing to offer authentic yoga practices and life-enhancing workshops to support you now and always!

AND yoga is FUN! This week our awesome EHY teachers wanted to do something extra-special for our community. Today we’re sharing a few ways we have been bringing joy into our lives these past few weeks. Here are our recommendations for shelter-in-place books, movies, music, and acts of self-care.

We hope you’ll find something you might like to try! Then, share with us! What has brought more joy into your life these past few weeks?



It tells the story of Marcel Marceau before he became the famous mime that he’s known for today. What I loved about it was the humanity and peace of it. In a time when it’s easy to want to fight fire with fire, Marceau chose instead to fight fire with water. He took the peaceful route saving 1000s of Jewish children. Thereby undermining all that the Nazis were working toward.

Mrs. America

I think it really brings to light how long and difficult and not over the fight for equal rights is. It also brings to light how detrimental it can be to blindly follow someone believing what they say before doing a little fact checking on your own. It’s been going on long before Facebook.

I’ve also been doing a ridiculous amount of crafts and art. I’m basically creating just for the propose of creating. I’m not so concerned with the outcome or the feedback. I’m making things just to enjoy the moment of creating. I love color and I love texture so lots of mixed media. Alcohol and ink, collages, knitting, working with clay, I’ve even restrung a few broken malas!

I’ve been playing this game where I sing the lyrics of songs to the tune of the Brady bunch. Then make my husband guess what song I’m singing. We’ve been sheltering for three weeks now so pretty much? He just ignores me. Still, it keeps me entertained. Sometimes I even make my own lyrics.



I’m redefining self-care. I’ve allowed myself to be more ‘flexible’ with my practice during this time and have enjoyed taking a bit more time to enjoy treating myself with the patience having more time alone affords me. Compassion starts at home, so you will be relieved to know I take more time bathing, enjoying the process and tending to my body as if it were the most beloved possession of someone I love and respect with all my heart (Hint: It’s me!). I also have more time for meditation and prayer and enjoy not having to jump out of bed in a mad rush to get ready and go to work. Now I awaken as if I’m moving from Shavasana. Before capitol ‘I’ wakes up, there is an ecstatic moment of bliss, where lowercase ‘i’ exists eternally in the ‘now’ chillin’, and checking everything out, free from the judgments and obsessions full awaking brings.

If you like good SciFi, you have to check out The Expanse it’s hard SciFi with engaging plot lines and extremely well-developed characters that defy gender and racial norms and roles. 100% binge worthy and available on Prime from the SciFi channel.




I have been coloring a lot, something I’ve never been into before but it’s been relaxing. Bill and I like to go on drives and I’ve had fun dropping the pictures in friends’ mailboxes with little “Hellos” on them.

I have also been making macramé plant hangers. I found online kits to buy that provides you with clear instructions and everything you need, I love them.

We have also been doing Zoom trivia with friends and also Zoom dinner dates with friends. Sometimes we make the same things. It’s cute.

All the museums are closed so they have been offering a ton of online interactions. My favorite is Tate museum in London. But the local museums are doing it as well, like KMAC 😉

In the spirit of support, I have made sure to buy stamps and mail some long-distance friends and family small notes and letters.

I have watched the Netflix movie Crip Camp– amazing documentary on all types of topics. Especially perspective.

And holy cow the series Picard is sooooo good!! Ugh! Worth the CBS subscriptions.

And finally, and I’m so serious I really look forward to teaching our students. I love seeing them and miss them and I’m so glad we could keep our practice and community connection through all this. Thanks guys ❤


I’ve really been feeling the new Destroyer album, Have We Met. The lyrics are amazing. Also, I cannot stop listening to the new Fiona Apple. It somehow sounds both brand-new and as if it’s always existed.

I love the novels of Haruki Murakami. A Japanese writer who somehow merges surrealist magical realism with noir detective elements. It’s like Raymond Chandler meets Raymond Carver meets Kafka with some David Lynch thrown in. And there is always lots of music and cats!

Lately, I’ve been loving that show High Maintenance on HBO. It’s uplifting to me. Intersecting vignettes of diverse people living in Brooklyn as seen through the eyes of a kindly marijuana delivery guy. Also, if you haven’t seen Six Feet Under from the early oughts, I highly recommend it. Funny, existential, and deep, deep character development.


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I found this to be a funny homage to the movie industry and a satisfying, strangely moving reimagining of the Manson family murders. Also, last year, I really enjoyed Midsommar. It’s a dark and weird film where a group of friends visit a Pagan festival in Sweden. It’s not for everyone, but I loved it!