Astrology is an art, science, and spiritual practice. Like psychology and sociology, astrology gives us a way of more deeply understanding ourselves, others, and humanity’s place in the cosmos. Astrologers spend years honing their craft in order to creatively and intuitively understand people, help people better understand themselves, and, as they do, make better choices for their own and for the collective good.

We are not exactly sure how astrology works. Most modern Western astrologers believe that the planets operate like hands on a clock. In this context, the word “planets” is used the same way it was used by the ancient Greeks. In other words, a planet is anything that moves across the sky’s backdrop including the Sun, Moon, and stars.

Clocks indicate time. They do not create it. Time is a human-created construct that we use to help organize our lives on Earth. Likewise, the planets are not the cause of human events. Humans are! The planets indicate particular energies that are active or dormant in the universe at any given time. By studying astrology, we learn to read the planets and can make better informed choices about how to live our lives.


Within each of us is our own little universe. Each planet represents particular qualities. Who we are is a unique combination of all of the planets. Saturn is like the CEO of our inner solar system!

Saturn is often called “the bearer of karma”. Saturn represents what we do in the world and its resulting consequences. It is the part of ourselves that pushes us to make an effort, do our duty, and act with integrity.


The planets are like the characters in a play. The signs are like the costumes those characters are dressed up in. Most of us are familiar with our Sun sign. That is the sign that we read about in the daily paper or on our horoscope app. (As an aside, I really would be careful with horoscopes distributed to the masses. They are not real horoscopes. They were actually invented to sell newspapers!) However, we also have a Moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus sign, etc. The sign our planets are in tells us how that planet “dresses up” for our lives!

2020 is what astrologers would call a Capricorn-heavy year. That is because three slow-moving planets spent a good deal of time there interacting in such a way that indicated a great deal of fuss on Earth! Those three planets were Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Pluto, the slowest moving planet, is still in Capricorn, but Jupiter and Saturn have moved into Aquarius giving astrologers all over the world a collective sigh of relief!

Saturn is Capricorn’s planetary ruler. A sign and its ruler are very similar. They have a lot in common. In our play analogy, it is as if Saturn designed Capricorn’s costume!

Like Saturn, Capricorn represents elderhood, personal achievement, and our ability to fulfill our life’s purpose. Capricorn is concerned with the structures that create our lives, personally and collectively.  Saturn’s presence in Capricorn represents our need to work on those structures. Saturn in Capricorn wants to conserve what it believes works well. The process of strengthening the structures that build our lives is difficult, but Saturn pushes us to stay the course and do the work that is ours to do no matter what challenges we face.


Some planets rule two signs, and some signs have two planetary rulers. Aquarius is actually ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. At first blush, Saturn and Uranus, or Capricorn and Aquarius, seem to be polar opposites. While that is not entirely untrue, Capricorn and Aquarius are like two sides of the same coin. Something lacks in us and society when we express one at the expense of the other. When traditional Saturn/Capricorn and progressive Uranus/Aquarius work together, we are able to determine how to manage the structures that govern our lives in a way that is practical and informed as well as fair and adaptive.

With Saturn in common, Capricorn and Aquarius are more similar than one might think. The areas where they differ are in their expression of shared interests. For example, both Capricorn and Aquarius are concerned with the common good. However, Capricorn does so by attempting to uphold traditional values and solid structures that have worked in the past. With its revolutionary thinking and humanitarian ideals, Aquarius pushes us to move in a more egalitarian direction while respecting autonomy and individuality.

2021: A year of contradiction and commonality.

As 2020 was a very heavy Capricorn year, there will be a noticeable energetic shift as Jupiter and Saturn spend much of 2021 in Aquarius. Many outdated structures crumbled last year. This year we will begin to rebuild our personal and collective lives. Certainly, there will be more tension between traditional values and progressive ideals, but air sign Aquarius is open to communication and technology that will move us forward. As we learn what it means to be “good grown-ups” in an emerging world, we can look to Saturn to lead the way.

Now, friends, in true Saturn fashion, let’s get to work!