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“My daughters and I discovered Eternal Health Yoga last summer.  I was completely new to the practice of yoga.  In the past 14 months I’ve gained strength, flexibility, camraderie, and focus under the careful guidance of caring, enlightening, skilled teachers.  When I leave the yoga studio, my body is humming — I’ve never felt that with any other type of exercise.  At Eternal Health Yoga you will enjoy the ultimate yoga experience!”

-- Sarah

“I looked for a long time to call a studio home in Louisville.  I came to Eternal Health and immediately felt at home.  The students and teachers are all warm and welcoming.  The entire person is considered at the studio.”

“I was in Louisville for a week and found this studio near where I was staying. I took a Hatha class and a Vinyasa class, and I enjoyed both of them thoroughly. The teachers there are caring and knowledgeable. I went to the first class not feeling so good, and I let the teacher (Marie) know my needs before we began. She chose poses that helped me feel so much better, with energy to spare! So I went back a couple of days later and took a Vinyasa class with Darcy, and was just as impressed. It is obvious that these women love teaching yoga. I will definitely come back to this studio the next time I am in town.

“EHY…a place, for me, where yoga assists in bringing the mind, body and spirit into alignment in a fun, relaxing and inspiring manner and then extends that energy out to all who are present and with hope that those persons carry it out into the community…I have heard Shelli say often that a yoga practice is a community philosophy. Eckhart Tolle states that practices such as Yoga, T’ai Chi, and qigong align body and spirit which is helpful in weakening pain – body symptoms (old trauma) AND will play an important role in global awakening! (Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose p. 159). Amazing! A wonderful class with D’Arci this morning learning new flows and awareness/meditation techniques. Loved!

-- Sue

“I am so impressed with Eternal Health Yoga! The studio is so inviting and welcoming and the instructors are extremely helpful and professional. The owner, Shelli, as well as the other instructors, make an effort to get to know you and to cultivate a sense of community. I love it!”

“Whenever I go on a business trip I try to attend yoga classes in the evening. After reading the reviews I chose Eternal Health Yoga and I’m so happy that I did. The instructors were absolutely wonderful and the beautiful studio with relaxing music and incense enhanced the experience. If I ever return to Louisville, KY I’ll be sure to fit some classes at Eternal Health Yoga in my schedule.”


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