Eternal Health Yoga provides the highest quality of teaching of authentic yoga practices in a welcoming, warm, safe environment. We provide yoga for everyone, regardless of age, size, gender, fitness, or lifestyle. We feel it is important for everyone to know that she/he belongs and that Eternal Health Yoga is their home. You are entering a sacred space each time you step through our door. We honor the tradition of yoga and offer gratitude and love to all of those who teach and practice here, to those who have taught and practiced here, and to those who will teach and practice here in the future. We look forward to serving you and to offering you the exceptional experience that is Eternal Health Yoga. Namaste.

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The Many Benefits of Downward-Facing Dog

Downward dog is considered a foundation pose; we use it to get into several of our standing poses. However, it’s so common, we often take it for granted. It is incredibly strengthening and it helps us to gauge where we are tight, and where we need to focus the breath....

Yoga and Mindfulness

When we take pride in our wellbeing by staying active and eating healthy, we automatically feel better; we have more energy, we’re less likely to get sick, we like the way we look. But what is it about yoga in particular that takes us to that next level of...

Yoga Teacher Coaching/Mentoring


For yoga teachers who want to:

  • Enhance and improve their teaching skills and knowledge.
  • Deepen their practice
  • Develop their teaching confidence
  • Gain new tools to keep things fresh

Working one-to-one with an experienced yoga instructor means you will get individualized attention, mentoring, and support in the specific areas that you wish to improve.

Move your yoga business to the next level!

Hi, I’m D’Arci Freeland, the Eternal Health Yoga Advisor.

darci1New to Yoga? No worries! We provide the highest quality of teaching of authentic yoga practices in a welcoming, warm, safe environment. We offer classes, workshops, and services to meet your needs; we provide yoga for everyone, regardless of age, size, gender, fitness, or lifestyle. Have Questions? Contact me!

“My daughters and I discovered Eternal Health Yoga last summer.  I was completely new to the practice of yoga.  In the past 14 months I’ve gained strength, flexibility, camraderie, and focus under the careful guidance of caring, enlightening, skilled teachers.  When I leave the yoga studio, my body is humming — I’ve never felt that with any other type of exercise.  At Eternal Health Yoga you will enjoy the ultimate yoga experience!”



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